Apply for the MCAlagaësia Team Join the team building Christopher Paolini's world of Alagaësia in Minecraft as a Builder, Terraformer or Interior Designer.
How to Apply 1. Join MCAlagaësia at 2. Switch to the Public Build server with the command /server build. 3. Create your application plot with the command /p auto. 4. Start working on your plot!
Remember, you can submit your plot early if you want. Even before you've finished, feel free to post as soon as you want to start getting feedback. 5. Join the Discord server. Join Now
6. Create a new post in the #submissions forum. 7. Put your plot ID somewhere in the title. 8. Add the tags for the teams you want to apply for. 9. Add a description of your plot and some images to your post. 10. Click "Post"! Good luck!